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"The Client Always Come First"

About Our Company

The Delaware Valley Wealth Management Group was formed in 2005 by Mr. Lamont Parker. A seasoned veteran with over eighteen years of investment experience. Mr. Parker gained his expertise with Morgan Stanley as a Vice-President of Investments, specializing in Retirement Planning. He later received his Wealth Management certification with Raymond James & Associates before starting the DVWMG.  Mr. Parker has allied himself and his organization with LifeMark Securities Corp. Located in Rochester, New York. LifeMark clears its transactions through National Financial Services, a respected, and trusted name within the investment community.


Our Mission

Our primary mission is to help or assist our clients in achieving their financial goals through various investment strategies, and to maintain the Delaware Valley Wealth Management creed, "The client always come first."


Delaware Valley will continue to focus its energies on pursuing its continuing education program. This process affords us the ability to stay on top of cutting-edge financial planning techniques. The end result is "Client Integrity."


Our Commitment To You

The Delaware Valley Wealth Management Group is committed to helping every investor, regardless of account size, and to treat each client with the utmost respect. By offering sound investment advice and unprecedented customer support, our clientele enjoy a level of service that is beyond reproach.



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